Frequently Asked Questions

Pinctada: What does it mean?

As Pinctada Events founders we knew that attaching a name that would represent our vision and brand foundation of long lasting quality, exquisite detail, would be a keepsake to behold and display. These were the criteria of selecting a name to represent our company. The name itself is Latin meaning "Black Pearl" or described as very rare pearl oysters largely found in the south pacific and also regarded as the "Queen of Gems." We had toyed with the idea of calling the company the "Black Pearl", this we found was a very common name already in use by a number of restaurants and other types of businesses. So out came the pen and napkins at a restaurant and the brainstorming began. My partner who is a huge fan of the film the Pirates of the Caribbean then thought of the coveted pirate ship is the so called "Black Pearl" and why it was so sought after. The vision shift began to take place.

We were onto something special and closer to the correct name, we both wondered what would the name black pearl mean scientifically, here it became apparent. The Black Pearl, is Latin for "The Queen of Gems".